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Kollter ES1-S Pro – Electric Street Legal Motorcycle

Original price was: $7,999.99.Current price is: $7,499.99.

Front Rim & Tire 90/90-17 On-Road
Rear Rim & Tire 110/100-17 On-Road
Front Rim & Tire 90/90-21 Off-Road
Rear Rim & Tire 110/100-18 Off-Road


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Kollter ES1-S Pro – Electric Street Legal Motorcycle

The listed price is available only on Maui. We can ship to other Hawaiian islands, email us for a shipping quote.

Introducing the Kollter Electric Sports Urban Motorcycle (E-SUM), the versatile bike that’s perfect for on-road and off-road adventures. Unlike other bikes in its class, the Kollter allows you to easily switch between on-road and off-road configurations. The on-road version comes with SuperMoto 17″ wheels, front and rear ventilated discs, and tires, while the off-road kit includes chunky 21″ front and 18″ rear tires.

The ES1-S Pro (125cc equivalent) is powered by two Samsung Lithium-ion (18650 cells) 72v, 31ah batteries, which weigh only 24lbs each and take just 6 hours to charge both from flat (or 3 hours for a single battery). You can ride the bike with one or two batteries, allowing you to charge one while you use the other. Despite the powerful batteries, the bike only weighs 246 lbs with one battery or 270 lbs with two.

With either one or two batteries, you have between 3.5kw and 5kw continuous power, and up to 11kw maximum. The ES1-Pro also features fully adjustable damping and rear long travel mono-shock suspension with an adjustable spring rating, so you can customize your ride for any terrain.

The single-battery version can reach a maximum speed of 50mph, while the dual-battery version can reach up to 60mph. The bike’s range varies from 35 to 80 miles depending on the number of batteries used.

Experience the ultimate on-road and off-road adventure with Kollter Electric Sports Urban Motorcycle.

Tech Specs:

  • Tires: 110/70-17
  • Battery: Swappable 72V 31Ah x2
  • Power output: 5kW – 11kW max
  • Torque: 220N.M
  • Max Speed: 60Mph
  • Range: 45 – 80 miles
  • Front Suspension: Hydraulic adjustable shocks
  • Rear Suspension: Hydraulic adjustable shocks with spring
  • Front Brake: 240mm disc with two-piston calipers
  • Rear Brake: 210mm disc with single-piston caliper
  • Weight: 246lbs
  • Seat Height: 880mm
  • Ground Clearance: 320mm
  • Controller: FOC
  • Display: LCD
  • Keyless Start & Alarm

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Weight 350 lbs
Dimensions 67 × 23 × 44 in


Complete Kit – Rims and Tires

Front Rim & Tire 90/90-17 On-Road, Rear Rim & Tire 110/100-17 On-Road, Front Rim & Tire 90/90-21 Off-Road, Rear Rim & Tire 110/100-18 Off-Road

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