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VEMAR E-18H Elbow / Knee Pads


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VEMAR E-18H Elbow / Knee Pads

Introducing the VEMAR E-18H Elbow or Knee Pads (use as regular-size elbow pads or small-size knee pads), the ultimate protective gear for motocross and off-road racing. These small-sized kneepads provide excellent safety and protection, keeping you secure on the track.

The VEMAR E-18H Elbow or Knee Pads prioritize safety without compromising comfort. Experience their high-impact resistance and breathable design, providing protection and coolness during intense rides.

With a durable PP protective shell, these elbow pads offer strength and durability for off-road racing. The flexible design allows up to 180 degrees of bending, ensuring natural movement. The removable and washable inner lining ensures hygiene and freshness, while the elastic straps provide easy adjustment for a secure fit.

Gear up with the VEMAR E-18H Elbow or Knee Pads and enhance your racing experience with top-notch protection and comfort. Trust VEMAR to deliver high-quality gear that exceeds expectations. Ride with confidence, knowing your elbows are well-protected in any racing scenario.


  • High Impact Resistance: The VEMAR E-18H Elbow/Knee Pads offer superior elbow or Knee protection during intense racing activities, thanks to their high impact resistance.
  • Breathable Design: Stay cool and comfortable with the breathable construction of these elbow pads, ensuring proper airflow for temperature regulation during rides.
  • PP High Strength Protective Shell: These elbow pads feature a durable PP protective shell, providing strength and durability for the demands of off-road racing.
  • Up to 180 Degree Flexible Bending: Experience unrestricted movement and flexibility with these elbow pads, allowing a wide range of motion for confident riding.
  • Removable-Washable Inner Lining: Easily maintain hygiene and freshness by removing and washing the inner lining, ensuring a clean and comfortable fit.
  • Elastic Straps for Easy Adjustment: Achieve the perfect fit with the elastic straps, allowing convenient and effortless adjustment for a secure and comfortable feel.
Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 5 in
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