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Yadea 800W Peak Power Electric Scooter KS6 Pro


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Yadea 800W Peak Power Electric Scooter KS6 Pro

Introducing our cutting-edge Yadea 800W Peak Power Electric Scooter KS6 Pro, engineered for unmatched performance and durability:

800W Peak Power: Feel the thrill of powerful cycling with our brushless DC motor, boasting 800W of peak power and a lifespan exceeding 3000 hours.

34-Mile Long Range: Our high-performance EVE18650 lithium battery, with a massive 15300mAh capacity, delivers a safe and stable riding range of 34 miles, thanks to intelligent electronic control technology.

Rear-Mounted Hub Motor: Experience superior driving force and enhanced handling with our rear-mounted hub motor, capable of tackling 20% slopes with ease for an exhilarating acceleration experience.

Superior Shock Absorption: Conquer any terrain with ease, thanks to the front fork linear spring damping that absorbs shocks and provides uniform force distribution, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.

Self-Healing Tubeless Tires: Our MPN Polymer Nano Memory Gel tubeless tires are not only puncture-resistant but also self-healing, ensuring a comfortable cushioning effect and reliable performance on various road conditions.

Triple Braking System: Stay safe with our triple braking system, featuring front drum and rear disc brakes, along with an electronic brake that delivers faster and more stable braking in just 0.1 seconds, with a braking distance of less than 14.4 feet. The high-performance dual-acting opposite cylinder disc brake ensures efficient braking and safe riding, even under challenging conditions.

Experience the ultimate in electric biking technology with our innovative features designed to elevate your riding experience.

Tech Specs:

  • Power | 500W(Peak 800W)
  • Battery | 18650, 2600mAh, Ternary Lithium
  • Capacity | 36V, 15.3Ah
  • Charging time | 8h
  • Maximum speed | 18.6mph
  • Range | 34miles
  • Maximum climbing | 20%
  • Driving mode | Rear wheel drive
  • Shock Absorption Style | Front fork shock absorber + Tire shock absorber
  • Brake Style | Disc Dual-brake &Drum Brake&Electric Brake
  • Dimensions | 1192*522*1257mm
  • Folding size | 1192*520*604mm
  • Package Size | 1230*230*610mm
  • Pedal | 174*476mm
  • Tire size | 10 inches Self-healing Tubeless Tires
  • Tire pressure | 45~50 psi
  • Scooter Weight | 22kg(48lbs)
  • Maximum load | 110kg(242lbs)
Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 49 × 10 × 24 in
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